Thursday, 2 August 2012

MailChimp Getting Started - no.5

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Getting Started

Continue your training
Just because we're wrapping up the Getting Started training doesn't mean you're off the hook. Stay sharp by signing up for an additional series, or check out
some of our other resources.
Additional Training
Continuing Email Training
Now that you can pinpoint a template from a campaign and personalize your newsletters, sign up for an additional training series to further sharpen your skills. We offer specialized info designed to improve results for groups like bloggers, musicians, online sellers, nonprofits, restaurants, and religious organizations. Don't worry if you're not part of one of those industries—we've got lots more advanced training options.
Knowledge Base
Knowledge Base
Explore MailChimp's Knowledge Base to find answers to frequently asked questions, plus hundreds of articles on topics ranging from API keys to z-index positioning.
You'll find hundreds of pages of information within our free guides. Study up on topics like Common Rookie Mistakes, How to Use Merge Tags, and How to Create an Email Marketing Plan. Email experts will love our advanced guides, like Deliverability for IT Professionals and Email Security. Read the guides online or download them in PDF, ePub or mobi formats for mobile devices.
Learn more in MailChimp's
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