Saturday, 18 August 2012

v7.5: We changed our navigation, added some new ecomm stats

v7.5: New slim navigation, new e-commerce stats

Navigation Changes and New Features Going Live

We want to give you a heads-up about some changes and new features we'll be launching next week. 

We've slimmed down the navigation in the Campaign Builder (and in other places in MailChimp). Previously, the navigation looked like this:

Old Campaign Builder Navigation

Here's the new look:

New Campaign Builder Navigation

We're making it thinner (126px slimmer to be exact), so you have more room to build your campaigns. We're also laying the foundation for a totally new campaign editor that's in the works (sshhh!).  

You'll notice the change to the "back" and "next" buttons, which are now connected to the progress bar. You can click the arrows on either end to navigate through the Campaign Builder, or you can just click on a step to jump to a specific place. This new convention will be used whenever you're using any kind of step-by-step "wizard" in our app. It's different, but it'll grow on you. And you'll love having more room on the screen.

Oh, and the "Save & Exit" button now gives you the option to exit to any of the main dashboards or log out when leaving the Campaign Builder.

New E-Commerce Stats

Have you linked your MailChimp account with Google Analytics yet? If so, you probably know that MailChimp can actually show you how much revenue your email campaigns are generating. Well, you're in for a treat. In v7.5, we made your revenue data a lot easier to get to. 

There's a new "Revenue" chart on the Reports dashboard:

Revenue Chart

And on the main Dashboard, scroll down to see a new "Top Five" stat that shows your all-time best revenue-generating campaigns and customers:

Top Five Revenue Stats

There were other minor changes, but you can read the MailChimp Blog for all the nitty-gritty details.

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