Thursday, 6 December 2012

New drag and drop editor, session-handling improvements, faster searching

For the last couple months, we've been adding a bunch of new features to your MailChimp accounts to make your holiday marketing easier. Today, even more features went live. Details below.

New Drag and Drop Editor

We quietly launched a new drag and drop editor in November.
Makes it super easy to design beautiful, mobile friendly emails. 
See it in action

For this month's release, we added social content modules, the ability to design RSS and A/B test campaigns, and lots of speedy shortcut keys to make editing fast.

Searching Lists, Campaigns

Last month, we added a subscriber search box to the Dashboard. This month, we added the ability for you to search for campaigns, too. 

Type a keyword from a campaign or a member profile, and we'll fetch it. Fast. 


We made improvements to the way we handle login sessions, and how we notify you if your session has been lost (like if your wifi connection goes wonky). 

If you lose your session, the screen blocks you from entering content and forces you to log back in.

Automation Rethunk

Back in October, we added new triggers and a revised workflow to Autoresponders, turning them into powerful marketing tools (especially for e-commerce). 

Trigger an email when specific links are clicked, when specific products are purchased, or even when someone changes their profile.
Send the email within the hour, and specify days to send and days to skip.

Batch Delivery

If you've got a huge email list, sending an email campaign can sometimes result in an overwhelming flood of traffic to your website and customer service team.
So we added a batch delivery option to the final delivery screen.

Tracking Referrers

Ever wanted to send different emails to people based on where they signed up to your list? We recently added signup referrer source tracking to MailChimp: 

Use list segmentation to send a unique automated welcome email to people if they sign up via Chimpadeedoo, and send a different one if they signed up via Facebook.

Need Some Inspiration?

We've collected hundreds of beautiful email designs and, with permission from their senders, posted them here:

It's basically an infinitely scrolling page of beautiful email newsletters. If you find any of them particularly inspiring, you can click to view more of their archives, and subscribe to their list.

Useful Resources

We thought you might find these articles useful for your holiday email marketing:

From around the web
Here are some useful resources we've found on the intertubes:

From MailChimp
Some blog posts and resource guides we've recently published:
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