Sunday, 9 December 2012

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Detail In Written Based Information VS Simplicity in Infographic

Posted: 08 Dec 2012 08:11 PM PST

There will be different way to set information. The words have been long used to describe different situation and event. For more detailed description, even a book becomes the end result for the attempt to create focus information on certain thing. The old books about certain daily life style in the past as example  will be an important documentation that will help people in the next era to get a raw description on how the life style in the past.  In some point, using the word is not always that great. It is possible to get a word that actually have double meaning or unclear intention for the future generation. The language development also influences the limit on how the information re-documented. For any language that already developed for ages, there will be more detailed words that will set different slight difference that set the context in a clear point.

If you are looking for a simple way to deliver information, the infographic will be all that you have. it has  longer history than any writing based documentation. The drawing by the caveman as example can be considered as one of the oldest infographic.  The simple drawings on the cave wall actually tell a simple story about different things. One of the famous samples is set on how the caveman hunt different animal.  Even though you may have no detail about the exact time period, the name of the character or any other written based information, the big idea of man way to hunt in the old time is easy to understand.

Even though written based content already five better information detail, it will be easy to find different infographic on different written based source.  You may find it in the sport event illustration. It is also possible to have the airplane accident infographic. From this kind of application, it is worth to note that both ways to set information actually will work in its own way.

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