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Windows 7 Manager 4.3.1 Full Patch

Windows 7 Manager 4.3.1 Full Patch

Windows 7 Manager 4.3.1 Full Patch

Posted: 04 Sep 2013 10:30 AM PDT

Windows 7 Manager - adalah sebuah software optimasi yang sangat lengkap. Program ini dapat membatu anda untuk mengoptimasikan kinerja PC anda. Windows 7 Manager ini dapat anda gunakan untuk membesihkan PC anda dari sampah seperti junk files, temporary files, dll yang terkadang membuat kinerja perangkat anda tidak maksimal. Tapi jika anda menggunakan Windows 7 Manager ini maka masalah seperti itu akan dengan mudah anda selesaikan. Selain itu Windows 7 Manager juga dapat mengakses ke berbagai pengaturan yang di sembunyikan oleh system. Dengan demikian anda memiliki akses penuh untuk mengatur konfigurasi serta melihat dan menghentikan proses yang sedang berjalan pada perangkat anda.

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Features and Benefits of Windows 7 Manager:
  • Information - Gets detailed information about the system and all its devices and helps you find the installation Product Key Windows, Office; shows all detailed information of running processes and subprocesses on your machine ; Windows 7 Manager provides automatic cleaning of your system with just one click .
  • Optimizer - Adjust your system in order to speed up windows startup and shutdown ; adjust your equipment to increase the speed of the system ; Optimize Task Schedule to exclude unnecessary system tasks.
  • Cleaner - Find out which files or folders take up space on your hard drive , locate and clear the unnecessary files to increase hard disk space ; Duplicate Files Finder can scan your computer to detect files with the same size , name and modification time ; Registry Cleaner rapidly scans your system registry and correct the record with invalid links automatically remove invalid entries ; Registry Defrag rebuilds and renumber your registry to reduce application response time and the time to access the registry.
  • Customizing - Control that runs when Windows; create icons on the control panel with quick access funds quickly launch Jump List; configure the Windows 7 boot menu ; edit context menus, right click , customize the desktop , menus , control panel and alert settings , set the external view of your system.
  • Protection - You can improve desktop settings , menus , security at login , as well as a huge number of hidden features of the system, disable system updates and error reports ; close and restrict to access drives , specify which applications can not run on your computer ; encrypt / decrypt files and open them to the public, to change the location of system folders ; Privacy Protector can ensure your immunity , removing all traces of your activity , create a set of random passwords at a time.
  • Network - Optimize the speed of your Internet connection , set up, all public bodies; easily adjust your Internet Explorer.
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