Friday, 8 November 2013

Dynamic Content - a new way to personalize campaigns

Dynamic content and three new email design tools No images? Click here

Dynamic Content

Introducing Dynamic Content

Dynamic content helps you create more relevant emails - without having to set up multiple campaigns. You can now use what you know about your subscribers to control what content they'll see in your emails in just a few easy steps.


New email design tools

Email Buttons

Easily create buttons for your HTML email campaigns that look gorgeous in most clients.

CSS Inline

We’ve taken the hard work out of writing inline CSS for emails. Just copy and paste your code.

Email Backgrounds

Background images are no longer ‘too tricky’ with our background image generator.


More tools and tips

Designing iOS7 style icons


Guide to dynamic content


Guide to CSS support in email


Guide to responsive email design


How to collect feedback via email


Other email marketing resources


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