Wednesday, 26 February 2014

8 Email Secrets That You Should Know

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8 ways to get
your email read

1 Animated GIF That Will Make You Want To Read More

BuzzFeed know irresistible content - so we asked Dan Oshinsky, their newsletter editor, to fill us in on how to make our campaigns near-impossible to ignore. What he had to say will surprise you.


Learn from the best

Our customers have always been at the cutting edge of email marketing. Here’s a selection of their tried-and-tested tips for building lists, staying creative and becoming a better designer.


Build your lists

Adii Pienaar shows us
how to use Twitter Lead Generation Cards to get
more subscribers.


Below the Fold

Erin Anacker explores the diversity in design in this new podcast featuring unique stories from creatives like you.


Do it all

Jamie Dihiansan is Basecamp’s all-rounder - we asked for his email design rules and advice to designers.


More resources

Top 100 email campaigns from our customers


Designing effective notification emails


Get your email questions answered


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