Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Essential resources for sending beautifully-designed campaigns

Make your emails look good, perform better
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Beautiful design in action

How to get Better Marketing Results with Beautiful Design 


Do you wish your website and email campaigns were more beautiful and more effective?

In this free guide, you'll learn the 3 principles of beautiful design and see examples from leading companies like Apple, Airbnb and Xero that you can apply to your own marketing.

You’ll also get access to 15+ tools and resources to help you get started creating beautiful marketing content today.


Handy resources to improve your email marketing 

We've collected some of our favorite resources for creating truly memorable content and campaigns.


6 free icon sets you can use in your next email

Explain features, services and more in a glance using iconography.


Create awesome visual content with these 6 tools

Make your email newsletters more persuasive with professional-looking images.


The apps that top email designers can't do without

We asked 5 leading email designers what keeps them both productive and sane.


More Learnings 

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iPhone 6 & Watch: What email designers need to know

Growing the Campaign Monitor design team while maintaining the same high standards 

8 subject line formulas to get your email opened


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